Use Case

Use case AdevPlus2.0

AdevPlus2.0 is a 100% free and open source currency that comes to bring more ease in your day to day in your publications, Announcements, Games and many other services offered by our team or our partners.

Masternode Monitoring Platform

Have your asset in our Monitoring Platform, using ADV2 as your payment currency and taking discounts on our partners and our platforms.

Market AdevPlus2.0 P2P

Buy other assets using our currency, simple and uncomplicated, still receive in ADV2, DOGE or BTC you can decide.

Forum AdevPlus2.0

Discuss, spread make new friends in one place and can even advertise your business, website, active on our platform to thousands users daily.

How we will do this through our platform and total shopping cart optimized only for AdevPlus2.0